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CPA Partnerships Program

CPAs, EAs and Accountants

We have a CPA Partnerships Program for Accounting Professionals who are considered our Strategic Partners, as they are crucial to the process. We use our expertise in technology and innovation to help build trust and lasting relationships with their clients who invest in commercial real estate. In order for the building owner to receive maximum benefits of a cost segregation study, their CPA or tax advisor must be involved from the beginning and we welcome their involvement.

Many CPA and Tax firms would like to offer Engineering Cost Segregation studies to their clients, however they run into a few issues. One, they do not have a qualified cost segregation engineer on staff and even if they did, the IRS requires an arm’s length transaction which requires a third party firm.

That is where CSR come into play. We are that third party engineering firm and CSR can become part of your team. We prefer to work with professional CPA and Tax firms. They offer a professional level of knowledge and expertise which makes every study run smoothly.

If you are a CPA or Tax firm that is seeking to add a new dimension to your business, contact us or complete the Strategic Partner request form and fax it in, one of our staff will contact you with all the information you will need.

Join our CPA Partnership Program

Benefits to the Accountant:

– Offer Cost Segregation Services (Or more cost efficient C/S services)
– Increase of Earnings
– Personal and Priority Services
– Personalized Marketing Material
– Cost Segregation Training

Cost Segregation Results has excellent on-going relations with numerous CPA firms across the U. S. The CPA Partnership Program is the primary part of our business and our focus will remain on our CPA Partnership Team. The CPA Partnership Program formalizes this and provides opportunities of mutual benefit to all partners. Request more information about our CPA Partnership program and let us become your own engineering department for Cost Segregation Studies.